Guru Purnima 2019

At the end of July 2001, Canada became the first country in the world where eSports was officially recognized as a sport. This was facilitated by the development of computer games, which formed a huge army of fans and gamers. Every year, e-sports betting is taking on new heights, and betting companies are more willing to present their betting site. On the site, information is provided where it is better to bet on e-sports for money and a list of bookmakers with a description of their activities, an overview of the strengths and weaknesses. On the whole, the site did a lot of work, analyzing and studying the activity of the cited books, rated on a 5-point scale. You can read more detailed betway esports review by clicking on the link. So, in the table are Betway, GGbet, Betway, Pinnacle, Tipbet, William Hill. Betway eSports bookmaker has taken its first bet in 2016. The peculiarity of Betway in e-sports betting: you can bet with skins with withdrawal for real money, you can replenish your account with bitcoins, etc. The range includes almost all the slightest significant e-sports events, which attracts gamers from around the world. In addition to the standard work format, GGbet BC has a lot of advantages - the results of tournaments are given, forecasts for matches in e-sports, live broadcasts, etc. are printed. Betway BC is one of the most popular, this is the largest office with more than 20 esports games. The Canadian organization responsible for the development of e-sports in Canada was formed back in the distant 2000s. Today she is accredited in the computer sport and holds tournaments and competitions. Note that last year the student league numbered more than 170 universities participating in e-sports matches. FCC members can be both minor citizens and legal entities, public organizations that contribute to the further development of e-sports. By the way, for the FCC capital, the main priorities are the development of e-sports in Moscow, as part of the international movement, etc. Today, the popularity of this sport in Canada is high, as well as eSports in Germany, where a few days ago they decided to simplify eSportsmen getting visas for residence. At the beginning of next year, to the delight of e-sportsmen, the decision will enter into force. Of course, not everything is smooth for gamers and they are fighting for their rights. But it is the German citizens who are in the highest positions of strong players, and stand out not only by skill, but also by the won amounts of several million dollars. And note that for 10 years in Germany there has been the largest computer games fair, gathering several hundred thousand visitors. E-sports has spread quite seriously around the world, and the desire to become an Olympic sport depends on the recognition of its sports discipline by as many countries as possible.

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