Guru Purnima Celebration

July 19th, 2016


Gurupurnima celebration

"The Guru takes the hand of the disciple like a mother, and leads him or her to where all paths terminate."

Devotees doing pranam to Gurudeva on Gurupurnima


"God and Guru are one. The difference is that it is very difficult to communicate with God directly, while with your Guru you can communicate easily. The Guru can play the role of God because he has realized his oneness with God on the one hand and he can relate to you on the other hand. The Guru is like a ladder. On one end he is connected with you, on the other end he is connected with God. It is said that a Guru never dies. He is beyond the confines of time and space. He is the “unmoved mover”, as said Aristotle for God. Where and how can He move if He is everywhere? Movement involves time and space. He is timeless and spaceless."

- Shri Chandra Swamiji Udasin


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