Guru Purnima - 5th July 2020


The ashram has been closed since March due to the COVID-19 pandemic, nevertheless Guru Purnima was celebrated with the usual joy and reverence by the ashram monks, together with those ashram employees, school teachers and families who have been staying strictly within the ashram premisis since March. 

Sw.Premji offering flowers at Gurudev's feet

"The relationship between a master and a disciple is a spiritual relationship. The disciple follows in word and Spirit the teachings of the master. This relationship is based on faith and unconditional love. The Guru is the father, mother, friend, teacher, — All in one! He does not teach only by words but by his example also. It is only this relationship which ultimately takes the soul out of the law of karma and frees the soul. All other relationships in one way or the other are  obstacles to the liberation of the soul."         - Chandra Swami Udasin

Gurudev with flower garland in the meditation hall

"The easiest way of falling in love with God is to fall in love with a God-man, who is established in God. I say this on the basis of my own experience. Be more and more devoted to your Gurudev. It would certainly help you to manifest in you the love for God. The Guru who is established in God, is as it were, like a ladder that is connected on its upper end with God and on its lower end with the disciple, who is open and receptive. Follow the instructions of your Gurudev with total commitment and try to assimilate his teachings in your life."                            - Chandra Swami Udasin

"You don’t need to do any other sadhana for God-Realization if you take your Guru as God and serve Him with that faith. Then you are continuously remembering God through your Guru. God-Realization can be attained only by remembering God. Meditation, japa, reading Holy Scriptures, Satsang, pilgrimage, prayer, worship, sankirtan etc. are different methods of remembering God."               - Chandra Swami Udasin

Sw.Premji doing Arati to Gurudev


Sw.Premji putting tilak on Gurudev at the havan

Close up of Gurudev

Gurudev doing arati

Gurudev with children

Gurudev with children

Gurudev with children


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