Notice from Shri Chandra Swamiji Udasin




"It has been brought to my notice that certain devotees are currently presenting themselves as spiritual teachers in the West, saying that I have authorized them and even asked them to teach. This is completely wrong. I have neither encouraged them to become spiritual teachers in my name. Rather I have often warned that the desire to become a Guru is a great obstacle on the spiritual path. Those who are publishing spiritual books, or who are leading public meditation camps, seminars, retreats, satsangs, etc., are requested not to associate my name with their publications, with their websites, with their public programmes, or with their personal agendas as spiritual teachers. Moreover, I have long ago given legal copyright of all my books and writings to Seekers Trust, of which I am the founder President. Therefore, before replicating my words in any form or medium, written permission should be obtained from Swami Prem Vivekanand, who is my monastic disciple as well as the General Secretary of Seekers Trust, and with whom I have discussed all the above issues. I also request that if my name has already been used in any publication, website, etc. without permission, it should be immediately removed."

- Chandra Swami